1. AMD unveils next-gen chips at CES, aims at Intel and Nvidia  Reseller News
  2. AMD CEO: Ray Tracing Is an Important Technology We’re Working on; NVIDIA Embracing FreeSync Says We Made the Right Choice  Wccftech
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Ryzen CPU chips will be launched in the middle of this year

AMD CEO Lisa Su said that ray tracing is an important technology they are working on, though the software ecosystem isn't there yet.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may be over five years old, but each are still selling steady, and really haven't showed too many signs of slowing down anytime soon, though the release of the next Xbox and PS5 will surely artificially cut the consoles off.Normally as consoles age, they start [...]

SONY could be about to slash console prices as we reach the end of the current console generation. Here's what you need to know.

XBOX ONE news this week includes challenging new sales stats for Microsoft as they head into 2019 facing a fast-selling Nintendo Switch.