1. Chinese teen who sold kidney for iPhone now bedridden for life  New Zealand Herald
  2. Apple-Obsessed Man Left Bedridden After Fateful Decision  Sputnik International
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Chinese man sold a kidney to the black market to buy latest technological gadgets.

In 2011, illegal organ harvesters approached a young man from Anhui Province, China, offering him a “chance” to earn money to fulfil his wildest dream – to buy Apple’s flagship products. The decision made that year dramatically changed his life and not for the better.

Lime has hit the brakes on its operations in Switzerland, after its scooters began doing the same.

Heavy rain in Dunedin seems to have put a dampener on a fight organised through the internet. A post on social media about Lime Scooters seems to...

E-scooters can be crazy dangerous even if they’re functioning properly, but especially if they experience glitches or design flaws that can put riders at risk. In Switzerland, an alleged Lime glitch has reportedly left electric scooter riders with serious injuries.