1. Texas demolition company tears down 97yo home in Dallas by mistake  New Zealand Herald
  2. Wrong Texas home torn down in horror demolition mistake  NEWS.com.au
  3. Demolition company apologizes for accidentally tearing down a 97-year-old home in Texas  Daily Mail
  4. Demolition company accidentally tears down wrong Texas home  New York Post
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  1. Virgin Australia latest airline to announce trans-Tasman reductions as coronavirus takes toll  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Updated: Virus boosts Virgin Australia cuts as losses widen  Airline Ratings
  3. Tigerair to close Brisbane base, but Queensland will keep 'crucial' route  Brisbane Times
  4. Virgin Australia's Tigerair axes five domestic routes, citing impacts of coronavirus  ABC News
  5. Virgin Australia cuts Tigarair fleet amid coronavirus outbreak  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Insect exterminator reveals horrifying statistic about ridesharing vehicles - News  NZME
  2. Bedbugs: Rideshare passengers are sharing more than just rides  Autoblog 日本版
  3. Texas Exterminator Treats '5 to 10' Rideshare Vehicles for Bed Bugs Each Week  The Drive
  4. Experts say bed bugs can be found in ride shares  WFSB
  5. Dallas Exterminator Treats '5 to 10' Ride Share Cars A Week For Bed Bug Infestations  Jalopnik
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Lotto results: Powerball jackpots to $50m after no big winner in $42m draw  Stuff.co.nzView Full coverage on Google News
  1. KFC teams up with Crocs to create bizarre chicken shoes  Newshub
  2. Business Headlines: Chicken sandwich with donut bun sold at KFC  ABC10
  3. KFC to Roll Out Chicken and Doughnut Sandwich Nationwide  Comicbook.com
  4. KFC goes national with its chicken and donuts sandwich  WATE 6 On Your Side
  5. KFC cuts the price of its bargain bucket from £12 to £7 – but only for a month  The Sun
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  1. Shocking video shows how easy Tesla's autopilot system can be tricked  NZME
  2. Some Teslas have been tricked into speeding by tape stuck on road signs  The Next Web
  3. Invisible Tape Is All You Need to Hijack a Tesla, Make It Accelerate by 50 MPH  autoevolution
  4. How a Piece of Tape Tricked a Tesla Into Reading a 35MPH Sign as 85MPH  Gizmodo
  5. Researchers show how to trick a Tesla into speeding using a piece of tape  TechSpot
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  1. Burger King breaks the mould with gross new ad campaign  New Zealand Herald
  2. Burger King is cutting artificial preservatives and it created a gross new ad to show it off  CNBC
  3. I know what I’m not having for lunch today, thanks to this Burger King ad  BGR
  4. Burger King shows sandwich decaying to moldy slab of meat and bread in new ad  Boing Boing
  5. Burger King moldy-Whopper ad campaign to showcases no preservatives - Business Insider  Business Insider
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  1. Uber Eats to open in seven more NZ cities  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Uber Eats set to launch into seven new cities this year  New Zealand Herald
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  1. Surfer reveals eight-week challenge behind lifestyle transformation  New Zealand Herald
  2. You Got This: Surfer reveals 8-week challenge behind booty transformation | Photo  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Coronavirus cans MWC 2020 - why is tech the only one cancelling its big international events?  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Nokia 10 will still be released – HMD plans an alternative event  Gizchina.com
  3. Missed call? Counting the cost of no-show Mobile World Congress  The Indian Express
  4. ‘There will be MWC in Barcelona next year,’ mobile trade show group vows after canceling this year’s event  Fortune
  5. Opinion: Caution justified when it comes to coronavirus  Deutsche Welle
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  1. Jaguar halts I-Pace production because it has no batteries  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Jaguar halting I-Pace production due to battery shortage - Business Insider  Business Insider
  3. Jaguar halts I-Pace production over battery constraints  NZME
  4. Jaguar Halts I-Pace Production Due To Battery Shortage  CarScoops
  5. Jaguar Land Rover Celebrates Carbon Neutrality With I-Pace Tour  InsideEVs
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  1. Passenger repeatedly punches woman's airplane seat after she reclines  Newshub
  2. Woman Calls Out American Airlines Over Passenger Punching Her Reclined Seat  HuffPost
  3. Footage of man 'repeatedly hitting fellow airline passenger's seat in chair recline row' sparks debate  Evening Standard
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  1. Disturbing footage shows suspected coronavirus victims being rounded up and quarantined  New Zealand Herald
  2. Coronavirus outbreak in China 'may be over by April'  Otago Daily Times
  3. Everyone is guessing about coronavirus economic impact, say experts  Japan Today
  4. Why the world economy will be facing China's coronavirus for a long time  CNBC
  5. Coronavirus economic blow will be long-lasting  Bangkok Post
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Tenant awarded $1500 after tradesman invades privacy by entering bedroom  Stuff.co.nzView full coverage on Google News
  1. Watch: Chris Harris slides the fully-electric Porsche Taycan super sedan  NZME
  2. 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S Performance Raven  CleanTechnica
  3. Stig Lap: Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear: Series 28  Top Gear
  4. Porsche Taycan electric car India launch this year - New video  RushLane
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  1. KFC worker diagnosed with coronavirus after 12-hour shift  New Zealand Herald
  2. KFC worker in China infected with coronavirus, contactless delivery - Business Insider  Business Insider
  3. KFC and Pizza Hut Stores Shuttered by Coronavirus Take a Bite Out of Yum China's Forecast  Motley Fool
  4. KFC worker is 'diagnosed with coronavirus' as company shuts thousands of restaurants in China  Daily Mail
  5. Yum China Shuts 3,000 China Stores Over Coronavirus  Mingtiandi
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  1. Is US department store Macy's too Macy's to save Macy's?  New Zealand Herald
  2. Macy's Closes Its Corporate Headquarters in Cincinnati  TIME
  3. Macy's just dealt a big blow to the struggling American mall  CNN
  4. Opening Ceremony to cut 33 employees and shutter NYC stores  Crain's New York Business
  5. Is Macy’s Too Macy’s to Save Macy’s?  Bloomberg
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  1. United buys flight school to meet rising demand for pilots  New Zealand Herald
  2. United Airlines buys flight-training academy to speed up hiring of 10,000 pilots  CNBC
  3. United buys flight training academy in bid to strengthen pilot pipeline  Flightglobal
  4. United Airlines opens flight school to combat pilot shortage - Business Insider  Business Insider
  5. United Airlines buys flight academy to gain s...  Taiwan News
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Auckland Airport: Runway reopens after urgent repairs  RNZView full coverage on Google News
  1. Censured real estate agents lose appeal against order to pay $18400  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Real estate networking tips to keep close in 2020  Inman
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  1. Alliance has bought a stake in its Indian distributor  Stuff.co.nz
  2. Alliance Group takes 10% stake in India trader, QualityNZ  New Zealand Herald
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  1. PNG govt rejects major gas deal with ExxonMobil  RNZ
  2. Feb 3, 2020 6:55:am PNG Scraps Gas Deal Talks with ExxonMobil  Natural Gas World
  3. Oil Search voices 'disappointment' as Papua New Guinea development talks placed on hold  Upstream Online
  4. Exxon Partner Fires Back at Papua New Guinea in Gas Fall-Out  Bloomberg
  5. Oil Search's multibillion-dollar PNG gas plans at risk  Sydney Morning Herald
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  1. Domino's pizza giving away diamond-encrusted pizza ring for Valentine's Day  Newshub
  2. 'I dough': Domino's offering exclusive pizza-themed engagement ring  New Zealand Herald
  3. Domino’s Australia unveils diamond-encrusted engagement ring worth thousands  7NEWS.com.au
  4. Domino's releases $9k diamond pizza engagement ring  Yahoo7 Be
  5. Domino's releases $9,000 pizza engagement ring  Daily Mail
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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Panasonic Quits TV Market  ChannelNews
  2. Panasonic withdraws from Australian TV market  Appliance Retailer
  3. Panasonic Will No Longer Sell TVs In Australia  Gizmodo Australia
  4. Panasonic quits Australian TV market  The Australian
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  1. Mercedes ute killed off: why the X-Class was destined to struggle  NZME
  2. Ex-Class: Mercedes confirms that X-Class bakkie will be culled  IOL
  3. Mercedes-Benz X-Class dropped from line-up  WhichCar
  4. It's official: the Mercedes-Benz X-Class bakkie is dead…  Carmag South Africa
  5. Short-lived ride for Mercedes’ X-Class ute, with production to end in May  GoAuto.com.au
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  1. Average Auckland rents tipped to hit record $600 a week this year: $18/week rise forecast  New Zealand Herald
  2. Average rents in Auckland up by $16 to $18 a week last year but the rate of increase is continuing to slow  Interest.co.nz
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  1. Why you should be worried about Instagram stalking you  New Zealand Herald
  2. Zuckerberg: I Don't Care If You Like Me, I Just Want To Be Understood  Entrepreneur
  3. If Facebook is stalking me, what about Instagram?  Stuff.co.nz
  4. Facebook stock is falling because it is a victim of its own success  MarketWatch
  5. Facebook closes down 6%, wiping out more than $30 billion in market value  CNBC
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  1. Upcoming Tesla Model Y revealed as world's most efficient electric vehicle  NZME
  2. Model Y coming sooner than expected  Stuff.co.nz
  3. Tesla Learns To Dance To Elon Time  CleanTechnica
  4. Tesla is proving itself as a carmaker  The Economist
  5. Tesla's Shanghai Factory Temporarily Shut Down over Coronavirus Concerns  Interesting Engineering
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  1. Rocket Lab’s first launch of 2020 takes an NRO payload to orbit  TechCrunch
  2. Camera on Electron rocket should let space fans watch it descend close to Earth  Stuff.co.nz
  3. Rocket Lab launches satellite for US spysat agency, guides booster back to Earth  Space.com
  4. Rocket Lab points out that not all rideshare rocket launches are created equal  TechCrunch
  5. Rocket Lab successfully launches NRO satellite  Spaceflight Now
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  1. Car parts giant makes startling claim about the automotive industry  NZME
  2. Have we hit peak automotive production?  CarAdvice
  3. Bosch says peak ICE has been reached, plans $1.6B spend on EV tech  The Driven
  4. Bosch says global auto production may have peaked, announces job cuts & lower production levels for 2020  Paul Tan's Automotive News
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  1. NZ tourism braces for coronavirus hit, 9000 cancellations already  New Zealand Herald
  2. Governments call for greater insight into global economic impact of Wuhan virus  CNA
  3. UBS: Australian virus impact "many multiples" of SARS  MacroBusiness
  4. Liam Dann: Coronavirus clouds economic outlook  New Zealand Herald
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