NASA sidesteps ban by US, appeals researchers to gather moon samples from China  WIONNASA set to study mystery Moon rock samples despite China ban  Interesting EngineeringNASA-funded researchers can now apply for China's Chang'e-5 moon samples  Space.comNASA researchers get permission to apply for China's moon samples  SpaceNewsUS will now apply to study China’s moon rock samples: Nasa  South China Morning PostView Full coverage on Google News
Massive 'vampire' stars could be getting help from hidden henchmen  Business InsiderHidden third stars could be making binary star system members eat each other, scientists find  Business Insider India'Vampire' stars could be using galactic henchmen to help feed on their companions  Business Insider IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension  Phys.orgLost in Space: Is a Giant Void Driving the Universe Apart?  SciTechDailyDo we live in a giant void? It could solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion  The Conversation IndonesiaDo we live in a giant void? That could solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion, research suggests  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
China's Mars Rover Detected Polygons Under the Planet's Surface  Yahoo News UKView Full coverage on Google News
Turning Up the Heat: How Climate Change Supercharges CO2's Impact  SciTechDailyGlobal warming is making carbon dioxide increasingly more potent  Interesting EngineeringClimate Change Is Turning Carbon Dioxide into a More Potent Greenhouse Gas! |  The Weather ChannelCO2 becomes a more potent greenhouse gas as climate changes  Earth.comState dependence of CO2 forcing and its implications for climate sensitivity  ScienceView Full coverage on Google News
Eris Could be Slushier Than Pluto  Universe TodayDwarf planet Eris is 'squishier' than expected  Phys.orgThere is a dwarf planet hiding in our Solar System. It has its own moon  India TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Skies in Mongolia mysteriously turn blood-red  Dunya NewsSkies in Mongolia mysteriously turn blood-red. Pictures show eerie phenomena  India TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Away Team Report: Scientists Locate New Hydrothermal Vent Field Using State-of-the-Art Mapping Technology - Astrobiology  Astrobiology NewsEnormous hydrothermal vent field with ancient, 50-foot tall chimneys discovered near underwater volcano  Livescience.comDive into the Galápagos’ newly discovered deep-sea coral reefs | Science News  Science News“Living Fossil” Among 15 Species Found At Newly Discovered Vents In The Galápagos  IFLScienceView Full coverage on Google News
Vera Rubin Will Generate a Mind-Boggling Amount of Data  Universe TodayVera Rubin Will Find Binary Supermassive Black Holes. Here's How.  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Nuclear-powered Dragonfly mission to Saturn moon Titan delayed until 2028, NASA says  Space.comTitan Dragonfly is Go!.... for Phase C  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Key Ingredient For Life Discovered in The Last Place Astronomers Expected  ScienceAlertAstronomers detect life ingredient on the edge of the galaxy  Yahoo New Zealand NewsView Full coverage on Google News
SpaceX rockets are burning bright red holes in Earth's atmosphere and they're becoming too common for astronom  Business Insider IndiaSpaceX rockets keep tearing blood-red 'atmospheric holes' in the sky, and scientists are concerned  Livescience.comView Full coverage on Google News
Fermi has Found More than 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars  Universe TodayNASA's Fermi Mission Nets 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars … and Counting  Science@NASA300 gamma-ray-blasting neutron stars found in massive haul — and some are 'spider pulsars'  Space.comView Full coverage on Google News
Bottlenose Dolphins Can Use Dimples Where Whiskers Used To Be To Locate Food  ForbesBottlenose Dolphins Unveiled to Sense Electricity  Mirage NewsBottlenose Dolphins Can Sense Electricity, Study Finds  GizmodoView Full coverage on Google News
China`s rover finds geometric shapes under Martian surface  WIONThere are Mysterious Polygons Beneath the Surface of Mars  Universe TodayBuried palaeo-polygonal terrain detected underneath Utopia Planitia on Mars by the Zhurong radar  Nature.comView Full coverage on Google News
Orcas Hunt Great White Sharks for Their Liver in Australia, Confirmed  Business InsiderGreat white shark ripped in 2 was 'loaded' with orca DNA, scientists say  Livescience.comView Full coverage on Google News
The serotine bat is the first mammal known to copulate without penetration  EL PAÍS USAThe sex lives of animals: three hours of foreplay – and mass orgies on the move  The GuardianStudy: The serotine bat uses its super-large penis as an arm when mating  Ars TechnicaThese bats copulate for hours with enormous penises but no penetration  CBC.caView Full coverage on Google News
Massive exoplanet orbiting small star upends planet formation theories  CNNDiscovery of planet too big for its sun throws off solar system formation models  Phys.orgScientists find huge planet that shouldn't exist  The IndependentView Full coverage on Google News
One of the largest magnetic storms in history quantified: Aurorae from the tropics to the polar regions  Phys.orgHistoric Magnetic Storm Covers Night Sky from Tropics to Poles  Mirage NewsView Full coverage on Google News
‘Star Of Bethlehem’ Shines, Year’s Best ‘Shooting Stars’ And Betelgeuse Eclipsed: December’s Night Sky  ForbesAstronomical events to watch out for in December 2023  NationalWorldDecember stargazing guide: Geminid meteors, Christmas full Moon and star-Moon pairings  Fox Weather View Full coverage on Google News
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